January 14, 2011

Zion's Children - Pt 41

Byrin waited for Lily to leave, then moved to where she had been sitting on the bed next to Miri. "I feel responsible. I know it was her choice, but I still feel like it's my fault."

Marc sighed. "If only we hadn't been arguing?"

"Something like that," agreed Byrin.

"I know the feeling. But it was her choice and she probably would have done it whether we were arguing or not." Marcus rose to his feet as if he were a much older man. "Since you're here watching over her, I'm going to go find Levi and let him know what his granddaughter has done."

"Ahhh, thank you."

"For what?"

"I can't imagine that Levi is going to be happy and I'm just glad that you volunteered to tell him so I wouldn't have to."

Marcus managed to laugh. "He does have that effect on people! He's a lot softer than he lets on though."

"Just the same, thanks."

Marcus patted the young man on the shoulder and departed.

Byrin looked down at his ill nurse. It hadn't been that long ago that they were sitting on a blanket in the grass, trying to learn about each other. He had almost kissed her...she had almost let him. He wasn't one to take rejection well, becuase he'd been faced with it so little. But if it hadn't been for her refusal, he never would have made the connections he had. Strange how things had been working out recently.

He will wanted to kiss her. Wanted desperately for her to live. Despite his medical genius, he still doubted whether he'd gotten the dosage right. With a gentle had, he reached out and wiped sweat laden wisps of hair off her forehead.

To his surprise, her eyes opened and tried to focus.

"Miri?" he asked hesitantly.

"Byrin..." Her voice was a thin rasp. "Well, that hit hard didn't it?"

"Very fast. And hard. I've given you a dose of the medicine. How are you feeling?"

Her eyes fluttered, as if it were hard for her to keep them open. "Tired...hot...cold...thirsty..."

"Thirsty?" That wasn't one of the normal symptoms. Byrin felt a glimmer of hope. "I'll get you some water." He rose to his feet and rummaged through things on the long counter until he found an empty glass. He filled it halfway with cool water and hurried back to his charge. Putting a hand under Miri's shoulders, he lifted her up a bit and held the glass to her lips. She took a few swallows and turned her head away,

"Better?" he asked.

""A little." She sighed as he laid her back and then she was out again.

Byrin set the glad on a nearby table and sat back down, intent of staying by her side until...forever if he had to.

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