February 18, 2006


Precious was the perfect picture of despair. She sat at the foot of the mountain, to tired to even cry. What, she wondered, was she going to do now? She was hungry, and thristy, and tired...and the air reeked of defeat.

Like vultures attracted to dead body, the air was suddenly full of those blighted being Precious knew as the Enemy. And she had a sinking feeling, no - a knowing, that they were coming for her.

Though she had no stength, and no where to run for cover, Precious drew herself to her feet and started to run. It was a slow lurking gate as she stumbled over dried roots and through dry potholes.

What she wouldn't give for even a drop of water right now...even the tiniest raindrop.Would her prince want her back? How would she ever find her way back to the path? It was hopeless. Still...

The vultures were almost on her, and with gasping breath she cried out - "Yeshua!"

Before the Word was even out of her mouth, He was coming for her. She could see Him in the distance on His white stallion. As the vultures begon to pull at her hair, Yeshua - in gleeming silver armor - pulled her to the stallion with a smooth motion even as Hiw sword was brandished in His other hand. The vultures screamed and fled.

A gentle rain began to fall as the sound of hoofbeats faded into the distance...

February 11, 2006

The Mission Continued

Part 2 - Wanderer

For several heartbeats, Precious just sat in a heap sobbing. What was she going to do know? She looked at herself and saw her torn garments. She was dirty, too. This made her so angry.

She wiped her face on her armsleeves and pulled herself to her feet. She took one look up, and saw a steep hill. Precious wondered if she should try to climb back up it and find the path again. But the hill was so steep. She'd never make it. She looked around and saw deeper desolation. There was nothing alive here, there couldn't be.

Had she been abandoned?

Guilt cut through her. No, she was the one that had left the path. She'd given up. He'd never want to see her again...she was certain of it.

Precious turned around and again saw the shiny object in the distance. Maybe she'd try to find it. Even though it looked far away.

Not bothering to fix her helmet, though she did straighten her dress, Precious set off...walking away from the path, and her shield. She still had her sword, didn't she?

The walk was far longer than what little time she'd spent on the path. She survived by drinking tiny swallows of the rancid water she found in puddles and eating the meager plant life. She didn't sleep much, and often had to hide from others...

Others...Some of the people she encountered where dressed in black, like she used to be...and some were dressed in white. The ones in white went about helping those in black, giving them water. She hid from everyone, and watched from a distance.


They could give her water. Fresh, clean, pure water. If she wanted it. Did she want to talk to those who were supposed to be her brothers and sisters? Surely they would know of her disgrace by now. They would be able to tell by her missing shield for starters.

She was so alone.

Days turned into weeks before Precious found the shiny object. It was a mirror embedded into the side of a mountain. And it had shone because it had been reflecting her armor. How pathetic was that? Pulled away from the path, from HIM...all because of her own reflection.

February 04, 2006

The Mission - Pt 1

Pt 4 of the Woman in White

Precious sat down by the side of the path in frustration. She had been walking for what seemed like days, but was in reality it had only been a few hours. Her feet hurt, she was hot and thirsty. She propped her shield next to her and sighed.

So far she had seen no one. There had been a few dead bodies alongside the path, but they were beyond her help. True, she hadn't touched them to see if they still had a pulse, because she didn't want to get dirty after all, but you could tell when a person was dead.

Where was her Knight, she wondered. Hadn't He promised to be with her always? She took a deep breath and could faintly smell that peculiarly sweet smell...but it was so faint, was it even real?

Precious looked around her and began to cry at the desolation she saw. Where is He? Why does He making this so hard?

Wait...what was that? Just over the hill in the field...a flash of something shiney...could it be? She stood for a better look, her shield falling flat on the ground. She'd have to leave the path to find out...but it curved up ahead, so who was to say that it didn't eventually curve all the way around? Even if it wasn't Him, it was a sign of life in this desolate place.

Precious crossed over the path and stepped off of it...instead of finding level ground, she found herself falling...falling fast and hard...head over heals...head bouncing off rocks, her knees and elbows losing their skin...

At the bottom of the hill, Precious lay in a heap. Her white robes were dirty, her helmet was askew, and she was bruised, her sword was poking her in the ribs........

She sat up groggily and looked around. Tears carved streaks through the dirt on her face.

"Where are You?!" she cried out to the cloudless sky.

But there was no answer. Heaven was silent.