January 28, 2006

Fields of Grace

Pt 3 of the Woman in White

The Woman in White, Precious, found herself in a massive field. As far as the eye could see, there was green grass and wildflowers. The sky overhead had only a few white fluffy clouds floating through.

The Knight stood next to her, taking joy in her delight at her surroundings.

"I could stay here forever," Precious said contentedly. "I didn't know such a place existed."

The Knight smiled. "Where ever you go, no matter what it looks like, you're always walking in my fields of grace."

"Always?" she asked, surprised.

"Yes, for I Am with you always."

"Even when you've pulled away and I can't see you?"

"Especially then," He answered.

Precious took this in, or tried to. It would explain the scent she could smell while chasing after Him. It was a sweet scent, like nothing she'd ever smelled before. Sometimes she thought it smelled like roses, other times like lilacs, but not quite. In a weird kind of way, it made sense.

"Precious...Dance with Me?"He always asked...never just assumed. Precious smiled at Him, and nodded.

Sometimes the dance was wild with exuberance...other times, like now, it was intimate and close. Her head rested against His chest and His arms sheltered her.

When the dance came to an end, the Knight led her to the edge of the green...which hadn't been there before.

"I have a mission for you, Precious," He said to her. "Throughout this land there are people who were like you...alone, lost, dying for want of Me."


"Go...Show them who I AM."

"Show them? Can't you just go to them? Like you did me?"

The Knight chuckled. "I came to you because you saw me in others."

"Oh." That was how it had happened. She looked at the barren land in front of her. "You want me to go into that?"

"Though the land around you seems barren, you still walk in fields of grace. You carry me with you wherever you go, remember?"

She nodded, already feeling vulnerable.

The Knight placed something on her head. "Precious, you do not go unarmed. I am your armor."

The woman looked down, feeling other weights. She had experienced this before, but hadn't understood. Her boots were light, even though a shiny metal covered the toes. A simple leather belt encircled her waist and held the silvery breastplait in place as well as her sword. At her feet rested a large shield. It look heavy, but as she picked it up, found it to be light. Her head, she knew was covered with a helmet. She looked up at her Knight and felt her heart pounding at the thought of not being able to see Him.

"Remember...Follow after Me..."

The Knight took off, and for the first time, Precious noticed that there was a path beneath her feet. Her hand resting on her sword, and her shield hugged close...she took the first step foward.......

January 21, 2006

The Naming

Pt 2 of the Woman in White

The woman in white looked up at her Savior, her Knight, with eyes that shined with tears. To think that this One loved her, even when she had been unlovable and filthy! He deserved her complete allegiance and undying love in return, this One so pure and holy!

The Knight smiled down at her. "Up until this day, you have had no name. You have been called many things, but none have reflected who you are. This day I name you, Precious."

Her heart thundered in her chest. "Precious?"

"Yes, because you are Precious to me."In a moment of pure joy, Precious threw her arms around His neck.

The Knight laughed and returned her embrace. With smooth motions, he spun her around. Though gentle, there was enough momentum that her feet lifted off the ground. Her laughter echoed his.

What joy this was! Safe in the arms of her Knight.

He set her down, then began to pull back.

He's leaving me!!! she thought in panic. But He was still smiling.

"Follow after Me," He said.

She ran after Him. Sometimes He caught her in His arms and spun her around. Sometimes He let her catch Him. No matter the case, the chase was on.

January 14, 2006

The Woman in White, PT 1

Picture if you will a desolate land. It is barren and dry. The rains have not fallen for years. trees are skeletal and leafless. What water can be found is hoarded and fought for. Very few share their water, even at the cost of others lives.

In the midst of this land there is a woman. She is as dry and barren as the land in which she lives. Garments of heaviness weigh her down, making her movements slow as she searchs for her next drink. They are dirty and black.

She is a lonely wanderer with no destination. Her only goal is to survive, and there are some days when her only wish is to give up that goal.

Enter into this barren land a Knight. He is not an ordinary man and everyone around him knows it. There is something more to this man, something different. He freely shares his water, with any who ask. It matters not whether it is a child, a man or a woman. He gives freely, sometimes not waiting for them to ask him, sometimes offering it to them. Some refuse, not trusting him. Others drink as though they are dying, which they are, and are bold enough to ask for more. His water flask never runs dry.

The woman clothes in black watches the people around her being transformed as they drink. Many of her friends were likewise clothed as she, but when they drink from the Knight's water supply, something happens to them. They disappear from sight, for a heartbeat, and when they are seen again...they are changed. Their garments are no longer dark, but brilliant white...sometimes with gold thread woven in, sometimes silver. And robes look so light, as thought they are no longer a burden to wear.

The woman sees people being transformed, and in her heart she wants the same. She wants to stand before this Knight, and drink from his flask. She wants to look into his eyes and see the unconditional love he has for the people. She so longs to touch him, to be sure that he is real...and longs for him to touch her, to feel the warmth of his embrace. But she is afraid.

Afraid that when she gets to him, the water will be gone. Afraid that when she looks into his eyes, that the love he shows others won't be there for her. Afraid that he will turn her away. So she decides to save him the trouble, and turns to leave......

Only to find him standing there in front of her.

"Are you thirsty?" he asks, in a gentle voice.

Her filthy hands pulls her robes closer, her heart beats wildly...and she nods her head once.

With gentle hands, and eyes full of love, the Knight pushes the cowl of her robe away from her face. He places one hand behind her head, and the other holds the flask to her broken and cracked lips.

Cool, clear water floods her sense. The sensation is not just inward, but on the outside as well. She opens here eyes, and sees only his face as water cascades down on her. It washes her black garments away, and for a heartbeat she stands before him naked and ashamed.
"I am the giver of life," he whispers. "I am the living water. I cloth you in robes of righteousness."

And then the moment is over. The woman looks down at herself and sees the most beautiful white garment she's ever seen. Brilliant white, glistening in a supernatural light. In it is woven gold threads, not so much as to be gaudy and overbearing. And it is so light. She can breathe.

Tears start sliding down her face, and the Knight wipes them away with gentle hands.

She, like the others who had been found by the strange Man, now belonged to Him in a way that could not be undone. She belongs, she has been accepted, she is loved. She is no longer alone and the land is no longer barren.

And she can breathe.

She is no longer the woman in black...she is now The Woman in White...and her story is just beginning....

January 10, 2006

Things up ahead

My first allegorical piece will start this Saturday and for those who have been with me since the beginning of my blogging days, this will be familiar. I am going to revisit and rework some of the Woman in White posts from the old Amazing Grace site when I first started {in April 2005!} After that, I shall either post a Star Trek Fan Fic, or finish the Princess posts I started at My Secret Place. I'll probably flip a coin to decide! LOL!